Danish slot machines

Danish slot machines and slot games

In 2012, the gaming market was liberalized, and ever since several unique and fun Danish gaming machines and slot machines have been developed on the internet. In this article, we will go into a little bit about the different slot machines at the different Danish online casinos.


Tivoli Bonanza and Fyrtøjet are two Danish slot machines designed exclusively for Tivoli. Both slots offer bonus games and progressive jackpots.

They are undoubtedly also, in our opinion, the best slot machines with a Danish theme.

As a new player at Tivoli Casino, you can always make use of their campaign, which gives new players free spins on one of their Danish gaming machines. That's why you should finally take a look at their site and get a free round at the house's expense!


In the search for Danish slot machines on the online market, it is almost impossible to overlook Danske Spil Casino. They have managed to design exclusive, Danish slot machines that can only be found at their online casino.



Do you know the roots Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam?

Now the slot machine with a CLOWN theme gives you the opportunity to follow them around in their silly and less fortunate episodes around Denmark.


Egon, Benny and Kjeld – oh yes, the good old boys from the Olsen Gang.

Now you have to hunt for the money with the Olsen Gang slot machine, where you have to commit burglaries together with the old boys, and even try to break into the exclusive Franz Jäger safe, if you want to run away with the huge money bag!

Ditch the vending machine

Now you can give the blonde, well-known oddset girl a proper spin with the exclusive Oddset slot machine from Danske Spil.

It is possible to play for as little as 5 øre, and if luck is on your side, you can get your bet back as much as 1,000 times.


D-A-D has Danske Spil, in collaboration, developed a real Rock 'n' Roll slot machine, which has stopped with D-A-D's raw tones and well-known vocals from the Danish rock stars. Don't miss a piece of Danish music history while you fight for the progressive jackpot, where the starting amount is DKK 750,000.


Are you ready to throw the handball together with Ann Grete Nørgaard, Louise Burgaard and Kristina Kristiansen? Now you have the option on the unique handball machine from Danske Spil.

If you hit 5 Ann Grete Nørgaard symbols on the same bet line, your bet is doubled by 1,000!



The father of Denmark and the legendary Danish hero Holger Danske breaks the team on the Holger Danske slot machine. Here you come along for an adventure on Kronborg's casemates while you fight for the millions. If you are lucky and hit 5 x Holger Danske symbols, you can run away with the really big wins.


Let us present a slot machine that has all the classic symbols we know from the old machines on the ferry and from the 80s grill bar. Here the old symbols such as melon, cherry, lemon and BAR are celebrated. You can also win up to DKK 2 million in a spin on the original slot machine!

Please note that both Holger Danske and Den Originale slot machines are also available at Spilnu casino, where the remaining four slot machines are designed exclusively for DanskeSpil Casino.


If we search for slot machines outside Denmark's borders, we find a large development within "themed slots", which is a development that has been going on for a long time. Among other things, you will find slots with Batman, Iron Man, Superman, the Hulk, Gladiator, Hulk, Blade and The Sopranos at major international gambling companies such as bet365 casino.

You will also be able to find a special South Park slot machine, and in Las Vegas the latest invention is a slot machine based on the popular TV series the Walking Dead. It also becomes more and more difficult.

You can read even more about slot machines in our guide to slot machines. Here you can learn everything you need to know about slot machines.

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