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When it comes to online betting, there are many players who play Asian handicap on odds. This is partly because you can often increase your probabilities of winning your bet. In other words, you can reduce your probabilities of losing your bet. First of all, however, it requires that you know about this form of betting and what the possible outcomes are. You can read all about that here on this page.

Before we dive into everything about your Asian Handicap betting, it's important to know where you can find the best odds. Below you can find a number of excellent betting sites with quarter asian handicap odds and other types of Asian handicap betting. Read further below about what Asian handicap can do for your betting, and when you're done, you can scroll back up the page and click on from this list.

How to bet with asian handicap

bet with asian handicap

It is an advanced method of playing on Asian handicap odds. Perhaps it is better to focus on other bets such as 1X2, over/under number of goals, yellow and red cards and other simpler odds if you are a beginner. We always recommend getting to know the standard odds first before betting on Asian Handicap. You can then proceed to play with the Asian handicap.

When you bet on the Asian handicap, it evens out the so-called balance of power between the two opponents in the bet. For example, it could be in the Danish cup tournament. Perhaps you are playing a match between a Superliga team and a football team from the 1st or 2nd division. Normally, the Superliga team will stand at lower odds. In that case, most people will refrain from betting on 1X2 bets, as the odds are low with a smaller potential return. Unless you follow the Henze system with a focus on low odds, it is probably not interesting for you.

How to startplaying at asian handicap odds?

asian handicap odds
  • Understand the bet It is important that you read up on the homework. Here you can read that the odds are more equal. Read about asian handicap odds before betting on them.
  • Choose a bookmaker Use our page to click through to a bookmaker. Most of them have asian handicap odds.
  • Create your account Once you have chosen your bookmaker, you must create an account. It typically only takes five minutes. Remember to confirm your account with NemID on gambling sites with a Danish license.
  • Transfer your first deposit To play at asian handicap odds, you must have something to play with. Therefore, you must choose a deposit method and transfer your first deposit.
  • Bet on odds Select a sporting event such as a football match, view Asian handicap odds, analyze the possible outcomes and place your bet.

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